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Customers have seen it all. With easy assess to the internet, customers are exposed to interesting products and marketing campaigns. It becomes more challenging to attract the attention of customers. With the extensive knowledge in technologies and printing, Beluga works with marketing experts to combine technologies and creativity to deliver marketing campaigns which suit your brand and what's more, excite your customers and achieve your goals.


Achieve Your Goals


Promotional Campaign for Premium Malt's Fest

Japan’s top beverage company, Suntory started the campaign of introducing the new Beer Server at the Premium Malt’s Fest.
Bridging Book displays were placed next to the Beer Servers as a promotional tool in 10 major cities in Japan. The display introduced the Beer Server to the audiences and showed more information regarding the campaign. This innovative concept successfully raised awareness among audiences.

Marketing: Project


SUNTORY joins various events every year to promote new products. Usually promoters are hired to serve the customers and answer their questions. At the same time, many shy customers are intimidated by the promoters. Customer behaviour have changed and many prefer looking up the information on their own and according to their preferences.

suntory BB_1.jpg

BridgingBook Displays

BridgingBook technology was chosen to provide an enjoyable experience for customers in the Premium Malt's Fest. BridgingBook is a special printed book that can be placed side-by-side to a tablet device. With a designated app, users can trigger different content simply by flipping the pages.


Increased Awareness

The innovative display tool attracted much attention among audiences. Customers felt more comfortable interacting with the promoters after acquiring more information from the BridgingBook display. This facilitated the interaction with customers which gave the promoters opportunities to expand the conversations and built relationships with their customers.

See how the BridgingBook works here

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