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Clients often approach Beluga wanting to change their product format. With so many new technologies developed, it's time to bring in new elements to your products and give your customers a whole new experience.  Our services cater to clients interested in modifying their products but are unsure how to do it. We add values to your products which will delight your customers and at the same time, leave your competition in the dust.

Product Development

Work With Experts

Yip's Children's Choral and
Performing Arts Centre

Little Musician

Beluga assisted YCCPAC in designing a series of interactive learning tools for their students. We created Little Musician which incorporated Touchcode in the music flashcards with mobile applications that go with the cards. Children are more interested in learning for they can use these cards to complete interactive activities in the mobile application. Parents are able to review the course information and music lessons with their children.

Product Development: Project

Concept Development

YCCPAC expressed that they'd like to enhance their existing learning tools. Teachers discovered that interactive learning is the best way to get students' involved. We started by understanding what important elements they'd like to add and sort out the appropriate technology that best suit their case.


Interactive Learning Tool

Touchcode is the technology we sorted out for YCCPAC. It is an invisible printed electronic code that can be integrated into any printed products and bridges the gap between print and digital with one simple touch. Students with the designated app can place different music flashcards on the multi-touch devices to complete activities which can enhance their learning experience.

A Successful Series

The Little Musician series was a huge success! We created 5 series which covered different music theories. 3 new series, Little Musician Plus with enhanced features and activities will be launched soon. By providing comprehensive services to YCCPAC, we managed to deliver the actual product from concept development to finish with incredible results.

See how Touchcode works here

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